Early Access Update #1

BroomsticksVR ChangeLog #1

-New Map (#6) and race, featuring villages, water features, bridges and towers.

-Finished several other buildings and features, although not all yet added to the maps.

-Lots more foliage variation, new models and materials.

-Water has surface textures, underwater effect, sounds both above and below, and adds a slight slow effect. Planning a sea/coastal map at some point.  Still to add: fishies.

-Added hats to the Bots. Basically photo-realistic at this point.

The past couple of weeks I've been focusing on lots of new assets and details to improve the current and future races. Getting a good water system (style, effects and sound) was probably the most interesting part, as that opens up lots more opportunities down the line, with partially-underwater maps, rivers and ravines, or a more open sea map. I'm pleased with how the buildings and walls are shaping up, and will be continuing to add more.

I feel like I'm getting a better idea as to what makes a good race, rather than constant trial and error. I'm very pleased with how this race works and feels, but as always will welcome any comments and feedback!

Next fortnight i hope to work on obstacles and abilities to add to the existing races, although I may add another race if I have the time...

Happy Flying!


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Version 5 Jun 24, 2017

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