BroomsticksVR: Introducing Races, 'MarioKart meets Harry Potter'

Hello there! 

For a number of months now I've been adding and making changes to 'BroomsticksVR'. What started as "hey I reckon it would be fun to fly on a broomstick in Virtual Reality" is slowly becoming a "proper game", with a range of maps, races, opponents, magic spells, difficulty levels, obstacles, scoreboards, and a whole lot more still to come. 

At you can now find a (free) demo of what I've been working on with two races, one up and down a snowy mountain side, the other through rocky deserts. I've got a few other maps and races finished or nearly finished, but I'll be releasing them in an early access version of the game, later this week. 

Check out the video: here

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Version 4 May 22, 2017

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