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I haven't had such a big smile on my face for a long time, I looked like an idiot at home, but a childhood dream from 15 years ago that I doomed impossible kind of became true. I kind of miss doing sick stunts that make me wanna puke, so I hope for maybe a seperate broom with different controls that make me be able to roll and flip. Other than that, fantastic concept so far, I can't wait for more, your game is definetely one of the coolest on the Vive so far and I can't wait until my 45 year old mom comes over, she's a big HP fan and never had a vive, but I think this'll blow her mind.

I have to say, there is not much content yet, only a couple races and free flight, but I spent a good hour on it and i'll play some more later down the line. For 5 bucks it's definetely worth the experience already.

I'd like to play this while kneeling for more immersion. Is there a way to recentre my position?

The races are designed so it shouldn't really matter what height in your place space you are, so can't you just kneel anyway?

Aah I see. Cool I'll give it a try!

Awesome game! Highly recommended!

Cool stuff! Love the concept as well.